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Settings page is the place where you can configure your SimBox client app.


Enable gestures

This option will let you enable/disable gestures. Gestures are a feature that allows you to control your aircraft by swiping on your screen. You can read more about gestures here.

Enable virtual knob

Let's you enable virtual knob. Virtual knob is a feature that allows you to rotate knobs on your aircraft without having to build or buy a physical knob.

Virtual knob size

Let's you change the size of the virtual knob.

Haptics toogle

Let's you enable/disable haptics. Haptics is a feature that allows you to feel the rotation of the knob and push of buttons. It's only available on mobile devices.

If your menu bar will get too crowded, you can disable some of the menu items. You can always enable them back in the settings. Disabled menu items are saved per profile.