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You can use map to determine location of your plane in real time. SimBox uses OpenStreetMap to display map.

If you want to get even more information - you can use OpenAIP to get information about airports, airspaces, navaids and more. This requires additional configuration. You can read more about it below in the OpenAIP section.

OpenAIP Configuration

OpenAIP is a free service that provides information about airports, airspaces, navaids and more.

To use OpenAIP you need to create an account and get an API key. You can do it here.

  1. Create OpenAIP account
  2. Login to OpenAIP
  3. Go to API Clients. You can also find this link in the top right corner of the page, by clicking on your profile picture and selecting "API Clients"
  5. Give your client a name and click "SAVE"
  6. Your API Client token will be found under "Client ID Token" label
  7. Copy your API Client token and paste it into the "OpenAIP token" field in SimBox settings
  8. Click "Save"
  9. Now you'll see AIP data on the map