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App shows "No connection with SimBox Control"

Below you can find some common issues that may cause this problem. Please keep in mind that in about 95% of cases additional configuration is not needed. Sometimes it's enough to restart SimBox Control app or simply uninstall and install it again.

If that won't help, please try to follow instructions below.


Make sure that your computer and your phone are connected to the same network. If you are using VPN, please try to disconnect from it.

In very rare cases, your router may block communication between your phone and your computer. It's hard to say what exactly is the problem, but you can try to whitelist following ports:

  • 3200
  • 3210

These are default ports used by SimBox Control app.


Windows Defender

You need to add SimBox Control app to the list of allowed apps.

  1. Open Windows Defender Firewall
  2. Click on "Allow an app through firewall"
  3. Click on "Change settings"
  4. Find SimBox Control app and click checkbox next to it
  5. Click "OK" and "Close"
  6. Restart SimBox Control app

If you can't see "simbox control.exe" add it manually. You can find it in C:\Users\{yourUsername}\AppData\Local\Programs\simbox-control.

Other firewalls

If you are using other firewall software, please try to add SimBox Control app to the list of allowed apps.