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Your flight simulation immersion booster

Software that adds extra realism to your favourite flight simulator. Trigger actions in the simulator directly from your tablet, phone, or web app using switches, buttons, and a virtual knob. If you're looking for even more realism, SimBox can be purchased with STL files for 3D printing and Arduino code for DIY device.


Release video

Why you'll love SimBox?

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FPS friendly

SimBox is fetching data in a way that is not affecting your simulator. We paid strong attention during development to make it as light as possible.
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Dual push-pull knob handling

Works well for Airbus and Boeing giving you extra experience. You can use touch virtual knobs or print one with 3D printer.
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No additional software required

You only use software provided by SimBox - one app that runs on your PC, one app that runs on your mobile device. No additional software - no extra cost.
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Open source aircraft configuration

SimBox comes with preconfigured profiles for multiple planes and sims. Can’t find profile of your favourite aircraft? Go ahead - create one and share it with your friends!


Select your aircraft

Choose from multiple aircraft profiles. You can use already pre-defined ones or create your own.


Your best buddy

Quickly change your autopilot settings by manipulating knobs, buttons and switches.



Switch lights

Manipulate your lights faster. You won't have to switch lights with mouse anymore!


Change frequency

You don't have to use your mouse anymore to change frequency!



Mode C please

Change your squawk code and transponder mode.

Virtual knob

Roll and push

You can use your touch device to rotate knobs, push or even pull them!


Physical knob

Click click

Feel every knob rotation. Print your physical knob if you need more immersion!

GA Aircraft

Size doesn't matter

SimBox is perfect for big jets, but works well with small GA aircraft, too!


Aircraft profiles

What can you use SimBox for?

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Manage your autopilot. SimBox is preconfigured to map Boeing, Airbus and GA autopilot panels as accurate as possible.
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Need to switch frequency? No problem! Go ahead and do this on radio panel. Radio supports COM1, COM2 and NAV1 depending on an aircraft you're flying.
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Need to switch lights quickly? No problem - with SimBox you can do this. No more moving mouse around your virtual cockpit to find that switches while taxing! By default we support Boeing, Airbus and GA light switches.
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Got new SQUAWK code? You have to switch to mode C when entering runway? Do this with single click on your physical device.
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Rotary knob

SimBox can be purchased with STL files for 3D print and Arduino code. Build your own double push/pull knob for cheapest price possible or use virtual knob on your touch screen.
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... and much more

This is just the start. We'll add new panels in the future (APU, landing gear, etc). Come join us and tell what you need the most :)


Official aircraft configurations

FlyByWire - Airbus A32XMSFS 2020
PMDG - Boeing 737 - 600/700/800MSFS 2020
GA - Default ProfileMSFS 2020
Zibo & LevelUp - Boeing 737XPLANE 11/12
ToLiss - Airbus A321XPLANE 11/12
GA - Default ProfileXPLANE 11/12
Each configuration is based on templates. Templates for Airbus, Boeing & Default GA (Cessna) - Autopilot, Lights, Radio, Transponder & APU are currently implemented.Can't see your favourite aircraft? No worries - SimBox is designed to handle your own profiles. You can create one or grab some from the community.




DIY Knob Tutorial

How it works?

There is few simple steps


Download necessary software

We provide special software - SimBox Control - that connects SimBox App with your PC. It is also used as bridge between SimBox and simulator (XPlane 11/12 or Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020).

Install SimBox App

Download SimBox App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You are ready to go. If you want even more realism - follow the instructions and 3D print physical knob. It consists of only few simple elements that are easy to put together.

Choose your aircraft

Select one of pre-configured aircraft or create new one. Each aircraft has it's own set of variables and events. SimBox can interact with XPlane 11/12 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Follow the instructions on how to create custom configuration and share it with community!


Enjoy your new experience! Go ahead and chat with amazing community on our discord while cruising over your favourite part of the world.


Choose your variant

Discount ends on 31.01.2023

Minimum Requirements

Operating System: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-7500 | AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 229MB
Required Software: Microsoft Flight Simulator | xPlane 11 | xPlane 12



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